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Easy Detection & Diagnosis of Liver Flukes

FLUKEFINDER® provides a fast and easy diagnostic system for animals infected with liver flukes. The device can also detect giardia.


Liver Flukes Easily Detected

The FLUKEFINDER® isolates liver fluke eggs by differential filtration followed by differential sedimentation. The process takes ten minutes for one sample and one hour for twelve samples and is 100% efficient. Numbers as low as one egg per gram of feces can easily be found.


Giardia Identification Made Simple

Using the FLUKEFINDER® technique for Giardia, trophozoites and cysts are concentrated to a minimal volume which can be streaked onto a glass slide. Identification is easily done because all of the parasites from the sample are consolidated into one drop.

Liver Flukes

The Problem

Animals infected with liver flukes can be easily treated to eliminate these parasites. However, the problem is in the diagnosis of the infection. In the past, the diagnosis has been a slow and inefficient process that leads to delayed or non-treatment. Liver fluke infection in livestock can result in reduced weight gain, reduced fertility, and condemned livers.

The Solution

The FLUKEFINDER® process isolates liver fluke eggs by differential filtration, followed by differential sedimentation. You can easily find one egg per gram of feces. It's quick, easy, and 100% accurate! Just 10 minutes for one sample and one hour for twelve samples.



Giardia is a prevalent parasite in environmental waters. It can adversely affect humans and animals, and symptoms range from no effect to severe diarrhea with abdominal cramps. Symptoms may subside and repeatedly reappear until treated. The most common treatment is metronidazole (Flagyl).

The Problem

Giardia can be difficult to diagnose because trophozoites and cysts may or may not be in the stool sample. Repeated samplings normally must be done. Even when the organism is present, it is difficult to isolate and identify using previous methods of floatation and direct smear.

The Solution

Using the FLUKEFINDER® technique, trophozoites and cysts are concentrated to a minimal volume, which is then placed onto a glass slide. Identification is easily made through microscopic examination as all of the parasites have been concentrated into one drop. Staining is not necessary.



Our test is 100% accurate. It isolates most types of fluke eggs and by reversing the process, it separates Giardia.

  • Liver Flukes
  • Paragonimus (lung flukes)
  • Nanophyetes (salmon poisoning)
  • Alaria
  • Rumen flukes
  • Schistosomes and other blood flukes
  • Heterobilharzia

Saves Time & Money

  • Quick analysis
  • Easy to use in the laboratory or the field
  • Profitable diagnostic service
  • One time purchase

Save time and money and get an accurate result every time.


FLUKEFINDER® is internationally known as the standard for fluke testing. It is used by universities, medical facilities, diagnostic centers, veterinarians, and drug manufacturers all around the world.

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